Red Sox ball girl mortified when she becomes part of the action

You can drop it like it’s hot (or so said Snoop Dogg). Or you can drop it like it’s a fair ball you accidentally fielded when you’re a ball girl.

The ball girl positioned in right-field foul territory at Fenway Park made the mistake on Friday night, fielding a ball hit by the Kansas City Royals’ Eric Hosmer. She made a nice pickup but failed to notice it was a live ball, meaning Hosmer got a ground-rule double.

Immediately dropping the ball and side-stepping away didn’t work. Hosmer was awarded second base — which maybe he would have reached anyway. But she was left with the embarrassment, which showed all over her mortified face. (She could have pulled an Urkel and just said, innocently, "Did I do that?")

Watch her play and reaction below:

As it turned out, likely to the ball girl’s great relief, the Boston Red Sox won the game anyway.