Reaction to the fan death at Rangers Ballpark

Reaction to the death of a fan who fell about 20 feet onto

concrete reaching out for a baseball tossed his way by Rangers

outfielder Josh Hamilton during a game against Oakland on Thursday


”Every time you see fans trying to catch a ball, I always get

scared. We toss the balls to the fans just trying to be nice. It’s

not like we want anybody to get hurt.” – Boston Red Sox designated

hitter David Ortiz.

”It’s really beyond tragic. It’s just so sad. It’s such, a

friendly part and a happy part of the game, especially with a

father and son and for it to end in such a tragedy, it’s just full

on brokenhearted. It’s just such a tough, tough thing, it really

is.” – Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford.

”It’s not been an easy day. There’s gonna be a stretch here

where we’re all gonna grieve for a while.” – Oakland Athletics

reliever Brad Ziegler.

”Everybody has a heavy heart, regardless of what side you’re

on. You go out and do your thing on the field. … Everybody

handles it differently. There’s not one piece of medicine that you

can give somebody because we’re all human beings and all handle

things differently.” – Oakland manager Bob Melvin.

”I know I get nervous when I see guys reaching over the upper

deck for foul balls all the time, foul balls come up there, and it

shows you, boy, you don’t have to fall very far for something bad

to happen. You just can’t believe it when you see it.” –

Cincinnati Reds manager Dusty Baker.

”It’s a very sad situation. I just put on TV and listened to

Nolan Ryan and very sad. Very sad moment for baseball and the way

all that happened. His family was there. A very, very dramatic

thing. In the meanwhile it’s just something you always wonder about

it that somebody doesn’t get hurt. I saw a kid get hit yesterday

behind the first-base dugout. Luis Salazar get hit by ball. But

that’s part of the game. But when somebody loses their life when

somebody is trying to be nice, I’ve never seen that before. That’s

why I think it shocked a lot of people because that never happened

before in baseball – I don’t remember it happening in the game.” –

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen.

”Players have been giving baseballs to kids in the stands as

long as we’ve been in the game and baseball is always saying `Hey,

you have to be really careful with those things.’ Guys are trying

to do something nice and this happens and it’s really sad, it’s

heartbreaking. I think it’s a situation that baseball has really

been on top of. Like I said, it’s something you always worry about

when you throw a ball up, people scramble for it, they might get

hurt, and that’s kind of what baseball has been talking about for a

long time here. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s

gut-wrenching. It’s really sad.” – Minnesota Twins manager Ron