Lobaton’s walk-off homer really stings

Jose Lobaton’s home run on Monday night created quite a


The backup catcher’s homer in the bottom of the ninth to

give Tampa Bay a dramatic 5-4 win over Boston in walk-off fashion

had a little extra sting to it.

The home run ball landed in the Rays outfield touch tank, which

holds 20 Cownose Rays.

This is reportedly only the third home run ball to ever land in

the tank. And more notably, it’s the first ever by a Rays




Rosenthal explains, the Rays, since the opening of the tank in

2007, had pledged a $10,000 donation for any home run one of their

players hit into the 35-foot, 10,000 gallon container —

$5,000 to the Florida Aquarium, which operates the tank, and $5,000

to a charity of the player’s choice.

Lobaton’s long ball forced a Game 4 between the Rays and Red


It’s probably a good thing the Rays didn’t take a

page out of the Dodgers book when it comes to aquatic