Rasta la vista: Victorino miffed over MLB rule restricting his walk-up jam

Shane Victorino was one of many personalities who captivated Red Sox fans in their 2013 World Series run.

Every little thing isn’t all right for Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino.

Victorino, in addition to battling a physical ailment, recently learned his walk-up song at Fenway Park — “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley — is going to be trimmed down this season. Major League Baseball has mandated that walk-up songs for hitters be limited to 15 seconds in 2014.

That obviously impacts Victorino — whose walk-up song was a huge hit at Fenway last year — and he isn’t too happy about it.

“I just think it’s not right. It’s disappointing to hear that,” Victorino told WEEI.com’s Rob Bradford.

“This little stuff they want to change with music, for a guy like me of course it sucks because it’s not necessarily for me, but it’s part of everything that goes on at Fenway Park when I walk up to the plate,” Victorino added. “Now you’re going to have so many disappointed fans every night because you’re changing that part of the game.”


Victorino’s theme song, of course, is highlighted by the chorus, which Red Sox fans sang in unison throughout the tail end of the 2013 season. Victorino and Red Sox fans now are in jeopardy of losing that bonding experience as MLB seemingly attempts to speed up the game.

“Everybody has their own rhythm and way they go about an at-bat,” Victorino told Bradford. “If over the course of a season there’s a problem, then Major League Baseball should tell Mr. So-and-So they’re taking way too long between pitches and this needs to stop or fines will come your way. I just don’t think everybody across the board has to (punished).”

So much for not worrying about a thing.