Rangers’ Washington stands by criticism of umpire

Rangers manager Ron Washington isn’t backing down from his

criticism of umpire Angel Hernandez, even though the AL All-Star

manager already expects to be fined for an on-field confrontation

and postgame comments about the ump.

After Washington and first-base coach Gary Pettis were both

ejected from Sunday night’s 6-4 loss to Florida by Hernandez, the

Rangers skipper said, ”Angel is bad. That’s all there is to


Washington reiterated his feelings about Hernandez when asked

about the ejections and his comments before Monday’s game against

Baltimore, the start of a new series with a different umpiring


”I’m gonna get fined for what I told Angel. And they might add

to it because of what I said about Angel,” Washington said. ”But,

hey, the truth is the truth.”

Pettis was tossed in the seventh inning Sunday after arguing

that Florida reliever Michael Dunn balked on a play when Nelson

Cruz was caught stealing.

Washington came out of the dugout to find out what was going on

between Pettis and the umpire. Washington eventually wound up in a

heated discussion with Hernandez.

”He told me my job was to get (Pettis) off the field. He don’t

tell me what my job is. But you can’t talk to Angel. Angel is the

smartest umpire in baseball,” Washington said. ”I didn’t say

anything. I was letting Gary have his say. Then he picked on me. He

don’t tell me what to do. He might suggest something, but he don’t

tell me what to do. The way he expressed what he had to say I

thought wasn’t proper. I didn’t come out there to get in no

confrontation with Angel. But it’s the way you talk to


After his ejection, Washington argued vehemently for a few more

minutes. The manager and umpire were face-to-face and it appeared

that the bills of their caps made contact during their


”I never touched his. It might have looked like it. It might

have been an optical illusion,” Washington said. ”I didn’t do

that. I wasn’t that out of it.”

AP freelance writer Ken Sins contributed to this report.