Rangers Strongly Considering Signing Mark Trumbo

Home run leader from 2016 Mark Trumbo could be on his way to Texas soon. The Rangers need to add a power bat this off-season and they see Trumbo as the best fit.

Mark Trumbo had a fantastic 2016 campaign hitting .256/.316/.533 with 47 home runs and 108 RBI in 159 games with the Baltimore Orioles. The Rangers have reportedly checked-in with Trumbo, but it seems like it could be a whole lot more than that. The Orioles have said they dropped out of the Trumbo sweepstakes meaning the Rangers could be the new front-runners.

After a career year in 2016 everyone can expect Trumbo’s value to go sky-high. When the off-season started Trumbo was reportedly asking for around an $80 million dollar deal. At this point in the off-season Trumbo will likely have to shrink those demands to find a deal.

With the Orioles and many others getting off the Trumbo train, that leaves the Rangers as the only strong fit. Losing sluggers Ian Desmond and Mitch Moreland means that the team definitely needs to add a power bat. Trumbo has the ability to not only play first base, but the corner outfield spots as well.

Trumbo can only replace one position player, but has the offensive skills for at least two. Only 30-years-old so a three or four-year deal for Trumbo is reasonable. Right now it seems like the money between the teams and Trumbo is the stopping point in contract talks.

It is beginning to get late into free agency and Trumbo has yet to find a team. It seems like more teams are dropping out of the Trumbo sweepstakes than in. The Rangers would be basically a perfect fit for Trumbo. He fills the positions left open by players that signed elsewhere and he has tremendous power.

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