Rangers not bringing back 2 coaches for 2014

There will be a new coach sitting to the right of Texas Rangers

manager Ron Washington during games next season, someone else for

him to hug after each victory.

The Rangers said Wednesday that they will not renew the

contracts of bench coach Jackie Moore, who has been in professional

baseball 56 years and at Washington’s side through two World

Series, or first base coach Dave Anderson.

”These are not decisions we take lightly or make easily,”

general manager Jon Daniels said.

Speaking on a conference call with Daniels, Washington said the

decisions were made after ”many, many, many” hours in meetings

Tuesday, a day after the Rangers finished a 91-win season with a

5-2 loss to Tampa Bay in the AL wild-card tiebreaker game to miss

the playoffs for the first time in four years.

”As an organization we wanted to move forward in a different

direction,” said Washington, 611-524 in his seven seasons as the

Rangers manager.

When speaking to reporters Tuesday, Washington had said he

intended on having all of his coaches back in 2014.

Moore and Anderson had been on Washington’s staff the past five


Pitching coach Mike Maddux, hitting coach Dave Magadan, third

base coach Gary Pettis and bullpen coach Andy Hawkins are all

expected to return next season.

The 74-year-old Moore was in his fourth stint as a Rangers

coach. He began playing professionally in the minor leagues in 1957

after graduating from high school in Houston, though his 11-year

playing career included only 21 major league games for Detroit in


What became a normal occurrence after Rangers victories was

Washington turning to Moore and the two sharing a hug. They

celebrated together after the Rangers won their only two AL

championships in 2010 and 2011.

”Jackie is a family member of mine and of course I’m going to

miss him,” Washington said. ”This is not something that we take

lightly. My heart is aching, but as anything else, I’m a baseball

man and we’ll get through it.”

Daniels said the organization was working to put together a list

of candidates for both positions, and expects to look to people

both in and out of the organization. Daniels said the new bench

coach doesn’t necessarily have to have managerial experience.

”I just long for a guy’s that prepared. … Looking for a guy

that’s in synch with me sitting on the bench and my thought

processes,” Washington said. ”I’m looking for a guy that’s total


Anderson was also the team’s infield instructor and was charged

with organizing spring training for Washington. He was the third

base coach for four seasons before the manager switched Anderson

and Pettis on the bases last winter.

With Moore gone, will Washington turn and hug his new bench

coach after the first victory in 2014?

”I really hope so, but that between me and Jackie is something

that he and I created,” Washington said. ”I don’t know how I’m

going to react. But if I react and I decide I want to hug the guy

next to me, I hope he welcomes it. If he don’t welcome it, then

I’ll shake his hand.”