Quite a pickle for the Cardinals

When 9-year-olds botch a pickle play and let the runner get back to the bag safely, it’s a safe bet their manager will turn red, pull out his hair and / or yell a few things that his team better not repeat at school. And pizza after the game? Good luck with that.

And yet even on the biggest of the stages, a play so simple can turn into a nightmare. Check out what the St. Louis Cardinals did Wednesday night in Game 6 of the World Series.

This play came in the bottom of the fifth inning, with Boston leading St. Louis 6-0 at Fenway Park. Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury, who had already reached base on error, was bailed out a second time in the inning by a shaky defense when St. Louis failed to tag him out after reliever Kevin Siegrist caught him leaning off first.

On the bright side, Ellsbury failed to score in the inning, keeping the Cardinals within, uhhh . . . striking distance?

H/t: GIFD Sports