Quentin returns after 8-game ban for Greinke fight

Padres outfielder Carlos Quentin returned to San Diego’s lineup

Tuesday night and said he has spoken with Dodgers right-hander Zach

Greinke following a scuffle that left the pitcher with a broken

left collarbone and Quentin with an eight-game suspension.

Quentin charged Greinke after he was hit by a pitch during a

game April 11, leading to a bench-clearing brawl in San Diego.

”First, I thanked (Greinke) for taking time to speak with me,”

said Quentin prior to a game against Milwaukee. ”We were able to

talk and have a good productive conversation. As far as the details

of that conversation, that’s personal.

Greinke had hit Quentin twice over the last few seasons before

the pitch that led to the fight.

Quentin, who was batting cleanup against the Brewers, said he

has spent most of his suspension ”hitting, throwing and running.”

He also said his balky knee has benefited from the rest.