Harry stars vs. Tex in Harlem visit

While it may have been more fun to see Mark Teixeira try to play cricket, we’ll settle for seeing Prince Harry play baseball.

The British royal was in New York on Tuesday as part of his trip around the United States, and he capped off a day that included a stop on the Jersey shore and a ride on a double-decker bus through Manhattan with a little modern rounders action. Harry and Teixeira, who has been out of pinstripes for the Yankees this season after landing on the disabled list with a wrist injury from hitting off a tee, got in some action at the Harlem RBI field.

It’s not the first sporting event Harry has attended on his visit — he checked out some American football and cheerleading the other day.

Harry didn’t seem to have trouble adjusting to America’s game of bats and balls.

“Great swing,” Teixeira said, according to a USA Today report. “Three for three. For a guy who’s never played baseball before, to hit three line drives in a row, that’s pretty impressive.”

Also striking — and something Teixeira didn’t include in that quote — was that Harry’s third poke was a home run (or, as The Telegraph noted, “The Prince, 28, managed to hit a home run with only the third delivery pitched at him”).

Harry thrilled the kids involved in the Harlem RBI youth baseball program with his skills, according to The Telegraph report.

Said 9-year-old Jolita Brettler: “All of us were like, ‘Is that a bird or is that a ball?’ I didn’t think anyone could swing that fast — he hit that thing out, all of us were like ‘wow.’ Who thinks that a Prince is going to play baseball? Princes are usually in castles or doing something important.”

Harry also got some advice from the kids on hitting, The Associated Press reported.

“We were teaching him how to bat,” said Rossalyn Arencidia, 9. She said the prince listened and nodded. “I got to say really it was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Fabiola Torres, 11, counted herself among the prince’s admirers, AP reported.

“He’s really cute,” she said, adding that he was “respectful, but I would expect that from a prince.”

All in all, the prince made quite an impression. Now, if only he could teach Teixeira how to hit off a tee.