Prince Fielder made sure to troll Adrian Beltre one last time

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports
Raymond Carlin III/Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

If there's only two things you should know about Adrian Beltre, one of them is that he's consistently under-appreciated as one of the most reliable and productive offensive baseball players of the past few decades. The other is that he really hates when people touch his head.

Throughout his career, Beltre has made it very well known that he would prefer if teammates didn't put their greasy paws on his skull, which of course has only made them want to touch it more.

In fact, Prince Fielder, who said goodbye to baseball in an extremely emotional press conference on Wednesday, couldn't pass up one last opportunity to get a feel of Beltre's head as he entered the presser.

A great photograph from Ray Carlin of USA Today captured what we can only assume was the calm before the storm.

Fielder might be the most brave athlete on the planet, considering he decided to go for it even though he's in a neck brace from his second surgery in 12 months and very well knows how angry Beltre gets when his head is touched.

Thankfully, Fielder survived his daring attempt, which ultimately became the lone bright spot in an otherwise very sad day.