White Sox fan President Obama congratulates Cubs on World Series win

A White Sox fan who lives in Washington, D.C., congratulated the Chicago Cubs on winning the World Series

We're talking, of course, about President Obama. 

After the Cubs beat the Indians 8–7 in a thrilling Game 7, Obama tweeted his congratulations for Chicago's North Side team. 

Michelle Obama also congratulated the Cubs, though far less begrudingly. 

Obama also congratulated the Cubs on winning the pennant and used the #FlyTheW hashtag. He later told Jimmy Kimmel that he was rooting for the Cubs as his “hometown team” despite not being his favorite in the city.

The last time the Cubs won the World Series, Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States.

The White Sox have not won a World Series while Obama has been in office. Their last championship came in 2005.

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