Pirates fan in Bonds jersey pulls a Bartman, gets boot — and the out

Two of the most infamous names in recent baseball history came together Monday night in San Francisco, but with far less at stake, and a far different outcome.

With his team trailing 4-3 in the bottom of the eighth inning, the Giants’ Buster Posey skied a fly ball down the right field line, sending Pirates right fielder Gregory Polanco toward the stands.

As he went up for the ball, Polanco was greeted by the glove of a fan in the stands. The glove did not make contact with Polanco, but looked like it certainly got in Polanco’s line of sight as the outfielder leaped to make the catch, the ball never actually leaving the playing field.

And the fan, it turns out, was a Pirates fan. And check out what he was wearing in the video above.

Yup . . . a guy in a Barry Bonds Pirates jersey pulling a Steve Bartman — in the ballpark where Bonds took down nearly every home run record as a member of the Giants.

Like Bartman at Wrigley Field in the 2003 playoffs, the guy got booted from the stadium. But unlike Bartman, the batter was called out.

Pittsburgh manager Clint Hurdle requested a replay review and, after 2 minutes, 17 seconds, Polanco was credited with the putout to end the inning.

"How about the irony that the game has and the guy had a Pirate jersey on. I don’t know if he thought he could make the catch and hand it to Gregory or maybe help Gregory," Hurdle told reporters after the game. "It was the right call. … There’s some depth to that guy out there."


And, it turns out, the glove did make contact with Polanco.

"He hit me all over," Polanco told reporters, gesturing to his hand and the left side of his face. "He said, ‘I’m very sorry.’ I said, ‘It’s OK, man.’ He’s trying to catch the ball, too. He wants the ball. It was strange. He was right there and I didn’t see him before."

The final score Monday night? Pirates 4, Giants 3.

The guy might want to avoid AT&T Park for the foreseeable future.

— The Associated Press contributed to this report