Phillies: Why Freddy Galvis should win a Gold Glove

Freddy Galvis is one of the three finalists for the 2016 NL Gold Glove Award at shortstop.

Freddy Galvis was named a finalist for the NL Gold Glove Award at shortstop in October. Joining Galvis is last year’s winner, Brandon Crawford of the Giants, and Addison Russell of the Cubs.

All of the 2016 Gold Glove winners will be announced tonight at 8 p.m. EST. Here is my case for Freddy Galvis to win his first gold glove.

Many people consider Galvis to be the best defensive player at his respective position because he can do it all. Great stats, consistency, the “wow” plays, Galvis has it all.

The Phillies were not a competitive team this season, a fact that is not beneficial to his cause. Galvis didn’t get a lot of exposure due to the fact that the Phillies were irrelevant for much of the 2016 season.

Russell, on the other hand, has a major advantage in that much of the country watched him play all postseason, and the fact that the Cubs won the World Series as well only helps his cause.

There are three reasons why Galvis deserves to win the NL Gold Glove at shortstop.

The first reason Galvis should win the Gold Glove will be his stats. Among the 11 eligible NL shortstops, Galvis had the highest fielding percentage this season with his being an outstanding .987.

Galvis posted this high percentage while making the most starts at shortstop in the NL, playing the second most innings at shortstop, and having the second most total chances behind only Brandon Crawford.

Another major reason that Galvis deserves to win the NL Gold Glove at shortstop this year is because he has been the model of consistency for the Phillies defensively, especially since he took over the position full-time. Galvis has played a lot of innings for the Phillies over the last two seasons, and he has provided solid defense night in and night out for at one of the most pivotal positions on the field.

Finally, Galvis should win the Gold Glove tonight because he constantly makes the spectacular plays that make you say “WOW.” He not only made the routine plays consistently, but also made the plays that aren’t routine look easy and the plays that average shortstops wouldn’t be able to make.

Because he does all of these things, many consider him to be the one of the best shortstops in the game. He consistently turned double plays that looked like they had no chance and made great stops in the hole.

If Galvis were to win, he would become the fourth shortstop in Phillies history to win a Gold Glove. The last player Phillies shortstop to win the Gold Glove was Jimmy Rollins back in 2012.

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