Phillies Injury Update: Nola’s Agent Says Pitcher Is “100 Percent”

The Phillies are getting some potential good news on the injury front, but lets digest it all than wait and see.

The Phillies are hearing good things about starting pitcher Aaron Nola. The 23-year-old missed the final two months of this season (after making 20 starts), suffering from sprains and strains of ligaments and tendons in his pitching elbow. Instead of surgery, the Phils shut Nola down, and hoped rest would do the trick.

Reports came out of Nola’s progress, and after his throwing program, he left positive vibes according to Matt Gelb of, who reported the following from Nola’s agent:

After completing a full throwing program, and getting his side work in, he feels 100 percent healthy and ready for spring training,” Nola’s agent, Joe Longo, said this week in an email. “So, he is starting his normally planned offseason program.

Nola carried a 3.12 ERA in his first 25 major-league starts, but owned a 9.82 ERA in his last eight before being shut down.

Nola suffered “low-grade” damage to his right elbow in the ulnar collateral ligament and strained the flexor tendon in his right forearm.

For a pitcher with such potential, his meaning to the future of the Phils is unquestioned. They need him if they’re planning on going anywhere.

While the comments are comforting, we must hold off on getting too excited until we enter the spring.

It’s much easier on the heart to play wait and see, especially in the case of Nola and his pitching arm.

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