Phillies’ crummy weekend includes no-hitter, bad injury news, prospect pelted by hail

Hey, how was your weekend?

If you know any sports fan from Philly, don’t ask.

The City of Brotherly Love is also sometimes known as Negadelphia when its locals begin to wallow in their own despair, especially that of the sporting variety.

Well, the Phillies’ long holiday weekend provided plenty of chances for fans to cry in their adult beverage of choice.

The weekend actually began well, with rookie pitcher David Buchanan making his first career start Saturday, beating the Dodgers 5-3 in front of friends and family. Cool, right? Granted, he was replacing injured staff ace Cliff freaking Lee, arguably the best possible hope (some pessimists would say "trade chip") in GM Ruben Amaro’s arsenal should the Phillies avoid their seemingly inevitable current slide to oblivion.


Then the wheels came off . . .

Sunday at Citizens Bank Park, Dodgers starter Josh Beckett fired a no-hitter at the fledgling Phils in a 6-0 blanking, which marked the fifth time in 10 home games the team with Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins, etc. have been shut out. Ugh.

Also Sunday, the team’s prized pitching prospect — according to some scouts, the team’s ONLY decent starting pitching prospect — Jesse Biddle was held out of his scheduled start. The reason? Headaches. Headaches caused by hail that reportedly pelted the southpaw in the head. Seriously.

Oh, and remember the Cuban right hander the Phils signed in 2013 that supposedly was to bolster the rotation this season? Umm, he was flown back to Philly for a fresh exam just three starts into his rehab assignment, which includes 9 runs allowed and 9 walks in 7.1 innings pitched. "Dead arm" has been blamed.

Oh, and about Mr. Lee . . . he was re-evaluated Monday, but continues to feel tenderness in his $25 million-dollar pitching elbow after going on the disabled list last week with an elbow strain . . . discomfort Lee had pitched with for a month.The team will still not allow its Opening-Day starter to throw a baseball, meaning a longer stint on the DL. Yay, team!

How high is optimism in Philly over its aging nucleus? Check out the T-shirts on the Clearance rack in a local sporting goods store, summing up the enthusiasm around the losingest franchise in major league history — thanks to what some call baseball’s worst general manager . . .

So there’s that.

P.S. At least their manager Ryne Sandberg has been able to stomach the situation so far. Of course, the dude ate cat food for about a year as a kid, so guess he can stomach just about anything . . . including playing 15 seasons with the Cubs.