Canine parade delays Astros game

Everybody loves dogs. They’re adorable, playful, man’s best

friend even. But dogs detest baseball. It’s a proven scientific

fact. And more than that, they hate when bad baseball starts on


On Sunday, the clueless Houston Astros decided to host “Dog Day”

— a day where fans bring their pets to the stadium, presumably to

give Astros fans a reason to show up to the game at all. However,

the people showed up in droves and the dogs had their day, refusing

to leave the field after they paraded around with chew toys in

their mouths.

Here is the video evidence:

The opening pitch was delayed for what seemed like an entire

couple of minutes. And it was only after stadium security escorted

the beasts through a secret opening in the right-field wall that

the game got underway. It was an amazing triumph for dogs


The Astros had a less amazing day, losing to the Angels 2-1.