Papelbon disappointed he didn’t pitch in ASG, says he dozed off during game

Phillies closer Jonathan Papelbon (left) didn't seem too engaged with Tuesday's All-Star Game.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Taking a break from a tumultuous season with the Philadelphia Phillies, closer Jonathan Papelbon was hoping to make an appearance in his sixth All-Star Game, but instead watched from the bench as the National League was defeated by the American League, 6-3.

"Yeah, of course you want to come in to pitch, make it feel worthwhile, you know?" Papelbon replied, per the Philadelphia Inquirer, when asked if he was disappointed about not pitching.

The NL had a total of 15 pitchers on its roster, eight of whom pitched. Starter Zack Greinke was the only NL pitcher to throw more than an inning.

"I kind of expected to pitch, you know? I think I have more All-Star Games than I think everybody in here," Papelbon said.

The 34-year-old righty admits he wasn’t very engaged during the game and said he "wasn’t paying a whole lot of attention."

When asked what he was doing when fellow Mississippian Brian Dozier hit a home run for the AL, Papelbon replied, "Snoozing."