Padres Under Investigation by MLB for Bad Trades

The Padres are drawing an investigation from MLB after a couple of deadline deals that left the teams on the other side a little unhappy with the goods they were sold. Did they do anything wrong?

The Padres of course drew some fire after the trade of Colin Rea to the Marlins who left his first start after just a few innings. Later it was revealed he has serious elbow damage. Then the Red Sox brought questions about Drew Pomeranz after he was traded to them. Are these concerns valid?

The Red Sox is the one that really is upsetting to me. We knew all along that historically Drew Pomeranz has a history of injuries. This year he has stayed healthy. Now the Red Sox are saying they “become aware of medical information with Pomeranz that they believe was not properly disclosed in trade talks.” Don’t all pitchers have potential injury risks?

Itchy trigger fingers are abound as teams balance going for broke this year and hoping not to make the next Larry Anderson for Jeff Bagwell trade. Especially when you have trades that involve one player for perhaps a couple of strong minor league players, no one wants to get swindled.

Of course for the Marlins, this was another in several trades the Padres have made with them this year. The arm they got for Fernando Rodney (Chris Paddack) has already gotten injured, and the Padres aren’t complaining!

Physicals are always a part of the trade process, and often vetoes deals. Remember last year when the Mets vetoed the Carlos Gomez trade because of something they saw? The Astros looked past it and he has been so bad he was now released this season. Hopefully wiser heads prevail with the MLB investigation and the Padres are found not guilty of any wrondoing. Certainly something worth following, as a bad finding could also impact the Padres organization for years to come.

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