O’s Machado turns in Brooks-like play

Manny Machado has just turned 21, so if you happen to see him in

a bar, you can now send over a drink. And he certainly deserves one

for the play he made Sunday against the Yankees’ Luis


On a ground ball up the line, the Orioles third baseman

temporarily lost the handle but quickly recovered, then rocketed a

throw to first — while falling away in foul ground, nearly so

far he would have had to pay for one of those overpriced seats at

Yankee Stadium — and nipped Cruz.

Yeah, we know that Machado, who’s headed to his first

All-Star Game, is playing in only his initial full season in the

majors. So it’s really premature, but darned if that play

doesn’t remind folks of another Orioles third baseman you

might have heard of.

Here’s a better look at both of them in one shot to see how

similar they are:


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So drink up, Manny, and we’ll drink in every great play

you make.