O’Malley, Park and Nomo to operate Dodgertown

Former Dodgers owner Peter O’Malley and ex-Los Angeles pitchers

Hideo Nomo and Chan Ho Park will run the team’s former spring

training complex at Dodgertown with minor league baseball’s

governing body.

O’Malley’s sister, Terry Seidler, also will operate what is now

being called Vero Beach Sports Village together with the National

Association of Professional Baseball Leagues.

The NAPBL said Thursday it will propose to Indian River County,

which owns the facility, to transfer the Dodgertown lease to the

new entity. O’Malley would become CEO.

O’Malley sold the Dodgers in 1998, 48 years after his family

took control. The team trained each spring at Dodgertown from 1949

through 2008, and minor league baseball moved in the following year

to bring high school and college tournaments and fantasy camps to

the facility.