The Oakland A’s viciously trolled Grammy-nominated band ‘Smash Mouth’ on Twitter


I'm sorry for what I'm about to do. I truly, truly apologize. However, I cannot stop myself. Okay, here we go.

You know, Twitter is a cold place, and they say it gets colder — particularly when you're one-time Grammy-nominated band Smash Mouth. The official Twitter account for the turn-of-the-millennium (I think? I don't really know Smash Mouth's chronology off the top of my head, and opening a tab to search for Smash Mouth is not something I want to do to my computer) band has been embroiled in social media wars for longer than we can remember. And on Friday night, Smash Mouth got into it with the Oakland Athletics, for some reason.

UPDATE: As you can see from the lack of A's tweets below, the team deleted their part in the discussion and responded with this:

It all started innocuously enough, when San Francisco Chronicle writer John Shea tweeted about Coco Crisp's journey from Oakland to a World Series berth with Cleveland. For whatever reason, Smash Mouth responded:

From there, things escalated viciously and astonishingly quickly:

A's pitcher Sean Doolittle tried to defuse the situation with Smash Mouth references, but to no avail:

And just when Smash Mouth tried to extend an olive branch, the A's were having none of it:

Well then. What's next, the Blue Jays beefing with Nickelback?