Nick Swisher excited about how Indians are jelling

Three weeks into the season and Indians outfielder Nick Swisher

can’t contain his excitement over his new team.

The veteran will have to wait another day to help Cleveland try

to extend its three-game winning streak after rain postponed

Tuesday night’s game against Chicago White Sox.

The game was called three hours and 35 minutes before the

scheduled first pitch. Starters Zach McAllister of Cleveland and

Jose Quintana will be pushed back to pitch Wednesday afternoon.

Swisher, who signed with Cleveland in the offseason after four

seasons with the New York Yankees, is excited about how the Indians

are jelling.

”It’s just a great group of guys around here. It’s a good core

of new guys that we have. And we are bringing over 15 new faces,

obviously, you’re going to go one way or the other. One way meaning

everyone is going to latch on together and take off, or guys are

going to kind of do their own thing.

”The great chemistry and the bonding that we have done through

spring and even with the ”Harlem Shake,” as cheesy as that was,

it was just a team building exercise. Now we’re all trying to get

to the point where we’re all trying to gain loyalty together and


Swisher is already a big fan of his new manager, Terry Francona.

He was happy to hear that Francona will use him as a designated

hitter to get him some added rest.

”I have never had that ever in my life. To have a manager

really looking out for you like that just makes coming to the

ballpark awesome every single day. And not only that: it makes you

want to run through a brick wall every time you get the opportunity

because you got a guy like that backing you,” said Swisher. ”It’s

my 10th year in the league, so I am happy. It took me 10 years to

get this so now that I do have it I guess I can appreciate it that

much more. I’ll take that,” said Swisher, who is hitting .288 with

two home runs and a .405 on base percentage.

The outfielder is in the first season of a four-year, $56

million dollar contract.

”I knew a lot of things going on behind the scenes during the

free agency process and everything that was told to me has

happened. It makes you really want to believe in a front office

because what they tell you is exactly what they’re doing,” said


The Indians expect to get some added depth at catcher soon. Lou

Marson joined the team Tuesday. Francona did not say if he would be

activated from the disabled list before the game. He was out with a

strained neck. He hit .226 last season in 70 games

Tuesday’s game was the third postponement for the Indians and

Swisher doesn’t expect any wear and tear when the doubleheaders add


”No. We get paid to play this game. This is what we all love to

do here. Hey, a doubleheader at the ballpark, what’s better than


NOTES: It was the second postponement on Chicago’s current

eight-game homestand due to inclement weather. … It’s also the

fourth postponement in Chicago since the baseball season began

three weeks ago. Two of the Cubs’ home games have also been

rescheduled due to rain or cold conditions.