Yanks’ Mark Teixeira has breathing issue

After an offseason in which Mark Teixeira talked about getting into better shape to become a more productive player, he has been off to an unproductive start.

Perhaps now he’s figured out why.

The Yankees first baseman visited a chest specialist Wednesday and was diagnosed with "severely inflamed bronchial airways" that have impacted his breathing.

"I was getting no air. I’ve never gotten over the cough I’ve had all year," said Teixeira, who is hitting a paltry .217 this season.

Teixeira has begun taken prednisone, a non-anabolic steroid that is supposed to open his airways.

"The doctor said I was 100 percent healthy except for the airways," the two-time All-Star said. "But anything could irritate it."

Teixeira said he isn’t sure what kind of impact it has made on his season, but figures it has had some effect.

"It hasn’t helped," Teixeira said. "But everyone is fighting through something."

Nevertheless, the Yankees would like Teixeira to revert back to the player he has been in the past, especially because fellow middle-of-the-order hitters, Alex Rodriguez and Robinson Cano, have not been as productive as they usually are.