Cashman pays visit to wife, kids

Yankee general manager Brian Cashman paid a visit to his publicly humiliated wife and kids Saturday, the first time he has been spotted in public since a serial stalker was charged with extorting money from him after an alleged affair.

His trip to the family’s $3.7 million Darien, Conn., mansion came a day after his wife filed for divorce.

He spent less than a minute inside the palatial home, where Mary Cashman and their two kids have been living while he took up residence in nearby Norwalk.

Brian Cashman declined to comment on the stalking case or the marital split.

"He’s accepting of this [situation] and the divorce," a family friend said Saturday. "And considering the circumstances, he’s in decent spirits."

The Yankee chief’s crumbling marriage "is not acrimonious," the family friend said, adding, "They’ve been separated for more than a year."

His alleged stalker, Louise Meanwell, 36, remains at Rikers Island, unable to raise her $250,000 bail.

Her lawyer, Stephen McCarty, said she was "very uncomfortable being in custody."

Prosecutors say Meanwell bombarded Brian Cashman with hundreds of text messages and demanded he pay her $15,000 for an unspecified medical procedure.

He coughed up more than $6,000 in separate payments.

The Yankee honcho’s ordeal follows a long line of men who claimed the British-born blonde besieged them with death threats, phone hacking and lies about miscarriages.

A laundry list of people have orders of protection against her, including her ex-husband, their daughter, the entire Cashman clan and a Westchester woman who was romantically linked with the Bombers exec last year.

Even her shrink has an order and was the one who encouraged Meanwell’s mom and Brian Cashman to call 911 on the woman during a meeting Jan. 27 at his lawyer’s office, sources have said. Meanwell was arrested four days later.

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