CC pays tribute to sports pioneers

Follow Yankees ace CC Sabathia (@CC_Sabathia) throughout the month of February as he tweets a daily tribute to an African-American athlete who made a difference …

Sabathia explains why he decided to do this:

It’s Feb 1… let’s kick off black history month by paying tribute to the great athletes who changed their sport and the world around them … each of them have led the way and inspired me to get to where I am today. So stay tuned I’m going to highlight a different athlete everyday this month, hit me back with your favorites and remember to use #bhm

Feb. 29

Last #bhm tweet, branching out even more on leap day. Thanks for letting me pay tribute to these heroes all month

Feb. 28

1st non athlete on my #bhm list but he’s one of the faces of NY sports, some of you may know him as Morris Blackman

Feb. 27

Personal hero of mine, met him at a boys n girls club in Vallejo when I was 9 #bhm

Feb. 25

Been looking forward to this one — "Sweetness" #bhm

Feb. 24

3rd and final boxer on my #bhm list, Ali named him one of his greatest influences

Feb. 23

Born in Birmingham and grew up to be the fastest man alive #bhm

Feb. 22

This 2x Cy Young, NL MVP and hall of famer also played for the Harlem Globetrotters #bhm

Feb. 21

From late last night, try to guess who "Mr. Cub" is hint:14x all star, @MLB all century team #bhm

Feb. 20

Tribute to Neon Deion, pro and college football hall of famer as of last year #bhm

Feb. 19

NFL MVP in 1985 and Tecmo Bowl superstar… #bhm

Feb. 18

Today’s #bhm tribute goes to one of my favorite fighters who left us just a few months ago

Feb. 17

The Courage award at the ESPYs is named after him and for good reason #bhm

Feb. 16

The Knicks may have Linsanity but didn’t have an answer for the 100 pt beat down by this #bhm hero

Feb. 15

Because @mlb retired his number in 2007, no player will ever wear #42 on any team because of this player #bhm

Feb. 14

While other people are stuck with joints, he has ball bearings in his legs that give him a mechanical advantage #bhm

Feb. 13

One of the most durable athletes ever, played his last professional baseball game at the age of 59 #bhm

Feb. 12

Late #bhm s/o tonight… 1st African American manager in MLB history and hall of famer as a player

Feb. 11

The doctor is in… #bhm

Feb. 10

Former Laker great and 3 time NBA finals MVP… and see a pic of me w another Laker great … who’s taller? #bhm

Feb. 9

Todays tribute goes to an all time NFL great who left us too early…2nd all time in sacks, 2 time defensive POY

Feb. 8

The “say hey kid” had 660 HR, .302 avg, 12 gold gloves, and played for the NY Giants? #bhm

Feb. 7

4.12 40 yd dash fastest ever at NFL combine, heisman winner, and only athlete to be named an all star in 2 sports #bhm

Feb. 6

The only rusher in NFL history to avg over 100 yards a game…for his career #bhm

Feb. 5

In honor of today’s game, this athlete has 3 rings and was MVP of Super Bowl XXIII #bhm

Feb. 4

The NBA’s all time leading scorer, 6 time MVP, 6 time champion, and now serving his country in the State dpmt #bhm

Feb. 3

This athlete was a hero to probably more kids than anyone on my list. I wanna be like…  #bhm

Feb. 2

In honor of his trainer Angelo Dundee (RIP), today’s tribute goes to the greatest of all time #bhm

Feb. 1

1st athlete, the "hammer" from Mobile, AL. Broke the Babe’s HR record and still holds the record for career RBIs #bhm