Yankees’ Brett Gardner went ballistic on a recycling bin after striking out

In the bottom of the sixth inning of the New York Yankees-Toronto Blue Jays contest on Wednesday night, home plate umpire Bill Welke rung up Brett Gardner on what appears to be ball three. Just a bit outside.

After Gardner, who reached base in all four of his other at-bats (two hits, two walks), expressed his displeasure to Welke, he let a poor recycling bin have a taste of his bat. Take a look, starting with the pitch in question:


Smart move by Gardner using his bat as opposed to his fists like former Pirate Sean Rodriguez, who once battled a Gatorade cooler in a fit of rage. Also notice how Yankees manager Joe Girardi doesn’t react at all to the outburst, nor does Matt Holliday from the on-deck circle or even the bat boy (at right). The kid is already a seasoned veteran.