Alex Rodriguez is amazed by the Yankees’ minor league batdog

Alex Rodriguez is working his way back from a hamstring injury, and before he rejoins the New York Yankees he spent a couple games with the organization’s Double-A team, the Trenton Thunder.

Normally, this would be like any other rehab assignment. Get some swings in, push the body a little, dispense some advice to the minor leaguers for a couple days and then head back to the bigs.

There’s one difference in Trenton, though: Derby the bat dog.

Alex Rodriguez loves Derby like everyone else.

Before Wednesday’s game, A-Rod posted a picture of Derby from one his rehab assignments with Trenton a few years ago.

Derby is a good dog who always gives a good effort, despite the enormous challenge it can be to pick up a baseball bat with your teeth.

Derby is just the latest generation of Trenton Thunder bat dogs. Before him, his dad Chase served the team, and now Derby’s son Rookie is being groomed to take over someday. Here’s Rookie:

A-Rod is gonna be so bummed when he gets back to New York and there’s an actual human being picking up his bats.