A-Rod hearing it from furious tenants

A-Rod has landed in some hot water again.

Florida housing officials have targeted New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez after residents who live in an apartment complex he owns filed complaints against him, saying the swimming pool has been unusable for two years, the New York Post reported Friday.

Rodriguez, who owns a property company that holds title to the Normandy Park Apartment complex near Tampa, has come under fire for poor living conditions, according to TMZ.

Residents have said that rusty pipes and trash are major issues, but that the swimming pool in the complex is the biggest concern.

Those who live in the complex complained that the pool has been unusable for two years, and local code enforcement officials have now ordered that it be drained and cleaned by next week.

Rent at the complex, located in the town of Temple Terrace, starts at $582 for a one-bedroom apartment. A three-bedroom goes for $912.

The assistant property manager, who was not named, told TMZ they are aware of the violation and have a plan to give the swimming area an immediate facelift.

He would not comment on the other concerns residents have brought up.

"Mr. Rodriguez’s real estate portfolio is handled by a professional team and problems brought to his attention will be addressed in a timely manner," said a spokesman for A-Rod.

The rep added, "Over the last 12 months, several hundred thousand dollars in improvements have been made to the property."

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