Mets’ #SpringSendoff goes awry due to cold weather, fan frustration

This seems to be the mood of some Mets fans after Monday's event.

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

It’s been a tough few days for the reigning NL champion New York Mets.

Over the weekend, the club lost embattled reliever Jenrry Mejia to a lifetime ban for his third PED offense. 

On Monday, the Mets planned a fan event called #SpringSendoff at Citi Field in honor of the team equipment truck heading down to spring training. ‘Truck Day’ festivities are a big deal these days, and the Mets wanted to capitalize.

The problem, though, as captured by the Twitter account @MetsPolice, arose out of the combination of brutal New York weather, long lines and a rather large accumulation of fans. Below, a few tweets from disgruntled fans soured by the day’s event: 

For what it’s worth, not all fans seem to have had the same frustrating experience:  

To be fair, no two people necessarily have the same experience at an event like this. Add in some unforgiving weather conditions and long lines and folks can get a bit grumpy.