Watch Noah Syndergaard get ejected for throwing behind Chase Utley

The bad blood continues to boil between the New York Mets and the Los Angeles Dodgers’ Chase Utley. 

When the two teams met on Saturday, Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard threw a 99-mph fastball well behind the Dodgers second baseman at the top of the third inning and was immediately ejected. 

In addition to the Citi Field chorus of boos, Mets manager Terry Collins took exception to the ruling and came out to argue the call. And then he was promptly ejected, too. 

Mets manager Terry Collins (left) points the finger at umpire Adam Hamari. 

This provided no alleviation to the tension Utley’s presence has brought to the two teams since his hard slide to second base broke Ruben Tejada’s leg in Game 2 of the NL Division Series last year. 

In fact, Utley has gone on record saying he expected retaliation when the Dodgers visited the Mets for this series. 

After the pitch, Utley raised one hand slightly toward the Dodgers’ bench, as if to tell his teammates to remain calm. 

After waiting near the mound with teammates for some time, Syndergaard walked calmly to the Mets’ dugout without showing any emotion as the crowd cheered him.

Mets fans cheered Syndergaard after he got tossed. 

Logan Verrett came to replace Thor on the mound. Despite the crowd’s exhorts to hit Utley with a pitch, Verrett eventually threw a called third strike past him.

Utley may have had the last word in this game, however. The Dodgers second baseman homered on Verrett’s first pitch in the sixth inning to give the Dodgers a 1-0 lead, and then hit a grand slam of Hansel Robles in the seventh. It was Utley’s 38th career dinger against the Mets.

The Dodgers beat the Mets 9-1. 

The Associated Press contributed to this report.