Mets’ Syndergaard lobbies actress Amy Schumer for movie role

New York Mets rookie right-hander Noah Syndergaard has thrust himself into a starring role in the team's drive for their first postseason appearance in nine years.

Perhaps buoyed by the confidence gained from his first three months in the majors, Syndergaard has made the decision to take his talents to Southern California – as in Hollywood.

Syndergaard took to Twitter on Tuesday and lobbied actress Amy Schumer for a role in her next movie. Schumer is currently starring in the blockbuster hit "Trainwreck" – a film that also features NBA superstar LeBron James.

The 22-year-old Syndergaard made it known he'd be willing to accept anything and his request did not go totally unheeded. 

Schumer responded within minutes, offering neither promises or words other than the hashtag for Lets Go Mets!