New York Mets: Mr. Met Roasts Noah Syndergaard

There are fewer things better on Twitter than the ‘feud’ between New York Mets mascot Mr. Met and their ace pitcher, Noah Syndergaard. Mr. Met won this round in a landslide.

Over the past few months, New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndregaard and Mr. Met have traded barbs over Twitter. It has been all in good fun, with hilarity on both sides. Lately, however, the tweets have been a bit harsher, to the point where the Mets ace and mascot have a full blown Twitter feud.

Well, that feud may have just gotten even hotter. It all began innocently enough, as Mr. Met tried to help out those looking for a Valentine’s Day date. And, he even tried to help out his frenemy Syndergaard, although the picture was not the most flattering. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Well, Syndergaard did not appreciate the gesture, insinuating a liaison with Mrs. Met later that evening. Pretty harsh, but it might have been expected.

And then, Mr. Met took things to a completely different level. And possibly explained by Syndergaard may have a bit larger hat size.


There have been some epic roasts on Twitter lately, but Mr. Met just took that conversation to a different plane. Bringing up Syndergaard’s mother, and after the pitcher added 17 pounds of muscle this offseason? Just run, and maybe don’t stop.

It may not be a positive sign for the health of our favorite baseball headed mascot that Syndergaard has been quiet since. Maybe he is really taking Mrs. Met on a date. Or, perhaps he is plotting his revenge, one that involves a large baseball bat and an oversized cap left in a pool of blood. Mr. Met should not be taking any walks alone around the clubhouse any time soon.

This banter has helped make the offseason entertaining. While the Mets essentially kept the same team from last year, Syndergaard and Mr. Met made sure that there was a reason to keep an eye on Mets Twitter daily. This latest chapter in the feud just made it even more amusing.

And, at the same time, possibly more dangerous for the New York Mets mascot. Stay aware of your surroundings Mr. Met. Your health might depend on it.

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