WATCH: Bartolo Colon slips and falls in tunnel to Mets clubhouse

Bartolo Colon has pitched well for the Mets in relief this postseason.
Elsa/Getty Images

It’s been said many times this season that Bartolo Colon has defied logic and even physics, but physics caught up to him after the Mets’ win on Sunday.

Following a 4-1 win over the Chicago Cubs in Game 2 of the NLCS on Sunday, Colon was walking to the Mets clubhouse at Citi Field like he always does after a home game.

While he’s performed that task dozens and dozens of times, it was no easy task for the 42-year-old pitcher to make the trip from the dugout to the clubhouse on Sunday.

As Colon approached a metal strip in the floor in the tunnel on the way to the clubhouse, his metal spikes slipped on the slick metal, sending him straight to the ground.

Fortunately, Colon, who is athletic despite his hefty frame, was able to catch his fall and didn’t appear to be injured.

Unfortunately for him, though, fans, who were cheering him on as he headed to the clubhouse, were there to witness the spill and happened to capture it on video.

Colon attempted to shake off the fall by hopping into a jog after he got back up, but that nearly turned into a disaster of its own, as he stumbled and nearly fell face-first into a wall.

While he has yet to make an appearance in the NLCS for the Mets, Colon has been solid in relief for the team this postseason, notably striking out a combined five batters in a collective four innings in Games 3 and 4 of the NLDS against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

(h/t CBS Sports)