New York Mets Ask FBI for Help in Finding Jose Reyes

The New York Mets have been missing Jose Reyes‘ production from the starting lineup. His slump has been bad enough where Terry Collins is asking the FBI for help in finding their third baseman.

Yesterday, the New York Mets had had enough. Jose Reyes had been missing for some time, although we are not exactly positive as to when their third baseman disappeared. They had attempted to fill his place in the lineup with a stand-in, but the results simply were not there. Just one hit and two runs scored, while posting a .037/.071/.037 batting line was not enough.

As such, the Mets went public with their call for help in locating their third baseman. Manager Terry Collins, in a rare display of emotion, asked the FBI for help in locating Reyes. After all, Mets fans did nothing wrong, and should not have to go through the motions of having to pretend that everything is fine.

Maybe that APB and the milk cartons with Reyes’ face on the back of them helped. He recorded his first extra base hit of the year yesterday, and doubled his season total in hits, with his third inning double. While that would be his only hit of the game, as he was 1-6 in the Mets 14-4 victory.

In all seriousness, Reyes is likely one of the least of the Mets concerns. This is just an early season slump, and something that Reyes will need to work through. Had these struggles happened in the middle of the season, it would not be nearly as noteworthy.

Aside from the joking about Reyes being locked in a basement somewhere, Collins is not planning on any changes to Reyes’ usage either. He feels this is something that Reyes will need to work through, citing his abilities and history as proof that these struggles will not continue.

To be fair, the Mets do not have many other options aside from Reyes. Wilmer Flores could get more playing time should these struggles continue, but he is not the same level of player that Reyes can be. Barring some miracle where David Wright manages to return for more than a week, Reyes will remain in the lineup, as he looks to get back to his typical form.

And if that does not work out, maybe the New York Mets can get the FBI to locate Jose Reyes and his missing production.

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