Diamond donating ‘Caroline’ sales

Neil Diamond is donating some of this week’s sales from ”Sweet

Caroline” after the tune became a source of comfort following the

explosions at the Boston Marathon.

Sales from Diamond’s song are up by 597 percent, Nielsen

SoundScan said Wednesday. Diamond’s representative said the singer

will donate the recent sales to marathon bombing victims.

”Sweet Caroline” sold 19,000 tracks this week. It sold 2,800

tracks the previous week and 1.75 million tracks to date.

The crowd-pleasing song is a staple of Boston Red Sox games. It

makes no specific mention of Boston or the Red Sox, but the team

started playing it regularly at Fenway Park more than a decade ago

and fans took to it.

The New York Yankees, Toronto Raptors and other professional

sports teams also have played the song at games in the days after

the deadly blasts April 15.

Diamond released ”Sweet Caroline” in 1969. The song was

inspired by Caroline Kennedy’s name.