Will Nationals manager dust off his classic Babe Ruth impression?

Will Matt Williams bust out his Babe impersonation?

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Washington Nationals manager Matt Williams doesn’t take nothing from nobody, as he reminded the Nationals press corps a couple of weeks ago.

However, the Washington skipper does have a lighter side.

Williams displayed that comical ways back in the day when he was playing for the San Francisco Giants. The former infielder was known to do one killer Babe Ruth impersonation, which you can see below in the video from 1991.

During a TV interview in May, Williams was asked if he’d bring back the impersonation should the Nationals go on a 10-game winning streak. The manager agreed, saying that if the Nationals win 10 in row, he’d “break it out.”

Well, the Nats walked off once again Thursday, and that pushed their current winning streak to 10 games. That means the Babe Ruth impression will return, but not just yet. It sounds like Williams, like any good baseball man, doesn’t want to mess with the winning streak. So we must wait.

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