Nationals’ Doug Fister drops wedding ring on pitcher’s mound

Doug Fister dodged a bullet when he found his wedding ring Thursday.

Rob Carr/Getty Images

Doug Fister is hoping to win a championship ring with the Washington Nationals, but before he adds that priceless ring to his jewelry chest, he’ll need to make sure he holds onto an even more important one.

In the first inning of Fister’s start against the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday, his first since coming off the disabled list, the 31-year-old righty was seen bending down to pick something up from the mound after striking out Evan Longoria to end the inning.

The production crew replayed video of Fister and discovered that he was picking up none other than his wedding ring from the dirt.

While we can only imagine what his wife thinks of the incident or whether Fister pitches with his actual wedding band, he’s fortunate he realized the absence of the ring and didn’t appear to cause any damage to it.

Jumping on a possible opportunity, a ring company reached out to Fister on Twitter:

@QALORing my wife and I both have ring used your rings! It came off when I rubbed up the baseball the pitch before. Your rings are great

— Doug Fister(@dougfister58) June 19, 2015

As for his first start since May 14 after returning from a forearm flexor tendon strain in his throwing arm, Fister said he "felt a lot better."

"Obviously, it’s a work in progress. I mean, I keep saying that, but that’s exactly what it is," Fister assessed. "I’ve kind of gone back to some of my base and my roots and trying to get back to doing what I do best and that’s go with some contact. You really have to build up to it, and any time you change mechanics or change your approach, you do have to take a little bit of time and kind of rebuild and take a little time and build up to midseason strength.

"I’m pleased with where I am at at this point. Obviously, it didn’t go our way tonight, but looking at it objectively, we’ve got some things I can come in tomorrow and work on."