Mr. Met buries Noah Syndergaard on Twitter with Valentine’s Day joke

Valentine’s Day: The spot on our calendars recognized to celebrate love, romance, your significant other(s) … and sometimes used to roast your closest friends with a mutual relationship.

Take for example: New York Mets ace Noah Syndergaard and the team’s mascot, Mr. Met. Even though the two work together on almost a daily basis, Mr. Met wasn’t afraid to go “there” on Tuesday — letting Syndergaard in on a little secret just as the Mets are set to kick off spring training:

OK this isn’t so bad. What did Syndergaard have to say?

Oh Gosh, Syndergaard is talking about Mrs. Met — isn’t he…?


Uh oh…

Usually the Mets wait until the regular season starts to begin their dysfunctional drama, but it’s good to see them getting a playful, early start to it this season.