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Sources: Tyler Colvin going to #Rockies in their deal with #Cubs.

Sources: D.J. LeMahieu going to #Rockies for Ian Stewart and Casey Weathers. #Cubs

Also, sources say Casey Weathers going to #Cubs in Ian Stewart deal. #Rockies

Sources: #Cubs acquire Ian Stewart from #Rockies.

Brewers acquire SS Gonzalez

Alex Gonzalez deal with #Brewers is one year with a vesting option. #MLB

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Morosi: Dipoto says he’s “unaware of the timetable for Kendrys Morales” – hinting Trumbo could see a lot of time at DH, Pujols at 1B.

Rosenthal: Dipoto suggests Trumbo could be used at 3B and in OF. "Particularly athletic for his size." #Angels #MLB

Rosenthal: C.J. did no decide until 530 am. Agent Bob Garber says he "easily" could have gotten 100M. #Marlins and Loria "would not let it go." #MLB

Angels keep on spending

C.J. Wilson agreed to a five-year, $77.5 million contract with the Los Angeles Angels on Thursday, a major-league source told, joining the organization on the same morning the Albert Pujols signing rocked baseball … Full story …

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Source confirms C.J. Wilson’s new deal with the #Angels is worth $77.5 million over five years.

#STLCards GM John Mozeliak left meetings without comment … kinda like a certain first baseman after Game 2. Now I expect three HR signings.

#Dodgers acquire LHP Jarret Martin and OF Tyler Henson from #Orioles for Dana Eveland.

#Rangers receive INF Greg Miclat from #Orioles to complete Teagarden trade.

Angels pull off blockbuster

The Los Angeles Angels shocked the baseball world Thursday morning, reaching agreement with free-agent first baseman Albert Pujols on a 10-year contract that will be worth between $250 million and $260 million, according to a major league source.

And the Angels might not be finished yet … Full story …

Morosi: Wilson to Angels?

C.J. Wilson is poised to agree on a five-year contract with the Angels on Thursday, a major league source told, although the free-agent left-hander was still torn between two appealing options as the winter meetings drew to a close.

The Marlins have offered Wilson more money, but the Angels are offering something unique. . . . Full story …


Tweets on C.J. Wilson

Morosi: As it approaches midnight local time, C.J. Wilson has yet to inform #Marlins of his decision.

Morosi: Source: C.J. Wilson not expected to make final decision until "morning." #Marlins #Angels

Morosi: I interpret that as morning-morning, as opposed to technical morning, which, you know, is four minutes from now.

Rosenthal: If #Angels get Wilson, logic dictates they will be out on Pujols. They are not the #Marlins. #MLB

Rosenthal: Last tweet on #Angels and #Marlins sent with a smile. #MLB

Rosenthal: If #Marlins lose Wilson on top of Pujols, biggest beneficiary could be Cespedes. #MLB

Third team in Pujols chase

The most compelling question of the baseball offseason — Where is Albert Pujols going to sign? — isn’t nearly as straightforward as it seemed. Sources have told that a third team has remained involved along with the Cardinals and Angels — who, sources say, are in deep discussions with Pujols’ agent. . . . Full story …

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Morosi: Sure, I’ll crown the #Marlins as champions of the #WinterMeetings. My commentary at

Morosi: After Albert Pujols signs, here’s what the Prince Fielder market could look like #Mariners #BlueJays #Orioles #Marlins

Morosi: Source confirms: Yu Darvish will be posted Thursday by the Nippon-Ham Fighters. @MLBONFOX

Rosenthal: Sources: #Astros hire Luhnow from #STLCards as GM. #MLB

Morosi: Kelly Johnson accepts arbitration, stays with #BlueJays as 2B.

Rosenthal: Source: Only question remaining with Dotel and #Tigers is term. One year with vesting option most likely outcome. #MLB

Source: #Mariners showing interest in Arthur Rhodes. This has happened before.

K-Rod accepts arbitration with Brewers

Reliever Francisco Rodriguez has accepted Milwaukee’s offer of salary arbitration, but agent Scott Boras said that accepting arbitration didn’t necessarily mean K-Rod — who wants to close but was used as a setup man for John Axford with Milwaukee — would be with the Brewers on Opening Day. . . . Full story . . .

Morosi: Papi staying in Boston

David Ortiz accepted a salary arbitration offer from the Red Sox late Wednesday, a major-league source confirmed to, meaning he’s assured of returning to Boston for a 10th season.

Ortiz, 36, is considered a player under contract, although his salary will be determined at a later date.

Ortiz is coming off his best season in four years, during which he posted a .309/.398/.554 line with 29 home runs and 96 RBI in 146 games. But he did not receive a strong multiyear offer and opted for the higher one-year salary that comes with arbitration.

In 2012, he will earn more than the $12.5 million he made this year.

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Rosenthal: #Angels close to signing free-agent reliever LaTroy Hawkins. #Brewers #MLB

Morosi: Source confirms David Ortiz accepts #RedSox arb offer. He’s going back to Boston. @GordonEdes was first to report.

Morosi: Many intriguing arbitration decisions due by midnight ET. Kelly Johnson, for one, is undecided. #BlueJays

Morosi: #Pirates have kept in touch with #Rockies on Ian Stewart, source says.

Buehrle to Marlins in four-year deal

The Miami Marlins have signed left-handed pitcher Mark Buehrle to a four-year, $58 million deal, according to sources.

The Marlins have not conceded that they are out of the running for C.J. Wilson or Albert Pujols.

Buehrle was reportedly deciding between two National League teams, the Marlins and the Washington Nationals, according to sources … Full story

Rosenthal tweets: Latest on Wilson

Source: #Marlins "best bet" for Wilson. #Angels close second. #MLB

Morosi tweets: Interest in Fielder heats up

Source with knowledge of #Mariners’ plans believes they will make strong effort to sign Prince Fielder.

#Marlins figured they would need to blow #STLCards out of the water on Pujols to get him. That didn’t happen.

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Morosi: Source confirms #Marlins believe they are out on Albert Pujols.

Ringolsby: Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd expects Ian Stewart to remain with Rockies

Klapisch: Told C.J. Wilson to #Angels is "very close" to being finalized.

Morosi: Source: #Tigers have made an "aggressive" offer to Octavio Dotel.

Morosi: This is one of the great shopping sprees in sports history. #Marlins official insists they aren’t done pursuing players.

Ringolsby: Rockies Pick up only $500,000 of Histon Street’s $7.5 millions salary for 2012

Rosenthal: Source: #Tigers front-runner for Dotel. NL club also involved. #MLB

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If C.J. Wilson wanted to sign with the #Angels all along, then the market has unfolded in a manner that will afford him that opportunity.

For the record, Ozzie Guillen mentioned Fielder and Pujols when he spoke with reporters a little while ago. #Marlins

This may be hard to believe, but #Marlins haven’t ruled out Pujols, Fielder, or Wilson – even after Buehrle.

Source: Octavio Dotel close to a decision between two teams.

Spoke with source about #Nats’ pitching plans. Wilson? "No." Buehrle? "Maybe."

Source: If #Angels don’t match #Marlins’ six-year offer, C.J. Wilson likely to sign with Miami. @MLBONFOX

It’s official: #Padres acquire Huston Street … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

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Source: A Wilson deal with #Angels likely would be 5 yrs, not 6. Avg salary could go higher now with Buehrle getting $14.5M per year. #MLB

#Marlins prez Samson: Hanley did not ask for contract to be restructured. Hanley not getting traded. Hanley critical part of team. #MLB

#Brewers could try to trade K-Rod if he accepted arb and didn’t want to set up. Likely would need to assume big part of poss $13M sal. #MLB

#Brewers bracing for possible K-Rod acceptance of arbitration. #Padres were on K-Rod before getting involved with Street. MORE #MLB

#DBacks on Cahill as well as Gio, also after Kuroda. Would need to give Skaggs for Gio not Cahill. Kuroda just costs $$$. #MLB #Athletics

#Phillies made early run at Gio, were thwarted. Still persistent, one source says. #MLB #Athletics

Source: #Rockies and #Cubs discussing Ian Stewart for Tyler Colvin. #MLB

Source: K-Rod may accept arbitration from #Brewers. Not definite. But closer merry-go-round could leave some without chairs. #MLB

Source: #Rockies save $7M on Street trade. Nearly entire amount due. #MLB #Padres

#Rangers had encouraging meeting with CJ last night. Still in play. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

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Based on conversations here, I would be shocked if #Athletics do not trade Gio Gonzalez by Opening Day.

Kelly Johnson giving serious thought to accepting salary arbitration from #BlueJays, source says.

Kerry Wood would like to return to #Cubs but wants raise over last year’s bargain salary. A reasonable request … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

Source confirms report of Erik Bedard deal with #Pirates.

Rosenthal: Yankees score rights to Nakajima

The New York Yankees have won negotiating rights to Japanese SS Hiroyuki Nakajima, according to a source … Full story …

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Samson says the #Marlins have a "three-part plan." Bell, Reyes …

Samson says #Marlins rotation is ready to go "as is." That indicates they want Pujols more than starter.

More from #STLCards source on Pujols: “Honestly, I don’t know where it’s going. There’s still a chance (that he returns to St. Louis.).”

#STLCards source on Albert Pujols: “I think there’s a good chance, one way or the other, that we get a resolution today.” … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

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Loria says he had upbeat conversation with Hanley, will be on #Marlins in 2012. #MLB

Source: Add #Nationals to list of teams pursuing #Athletics’ Gonzalez. Also known to be in: #Tigers #Reds #DBacks #Phillies #Marlins #MLB

Source: #Yankees win rights to Nakajima. Now must negotiate contract. #MLB

Source: #STLCards have NOT met or spoken with Pujols camp today. Yet. #Marlins #MLB

Street trade to #Padres expected to kickstart #Rockies’ pursuit of FA Brad Lidge, a Denver-area native.

Source: #Padres taking all or most of Street’s $8M in trade, giving #Rockies little in return. Talks first reported by @Buster_ESPN. MLB

Source: #Cubs still involved in Pujols talks. Extent unclear. #MLB

Pure dollar figure not only factor in Pujols financial offers. Deferrals, structure, lack of state tax in FLA all part of it. #MLB

#Marlins say they have made their final offer to Pujols. Additional meeting with Lozano possible, however. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …



Angels pursuing Pujols

The Angels, under new general manager Jerry DiPoto, are engaged in talks with Pujols, a major-league source told, and could transform what seemed to be a two-team race. … FULL STORY

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#Pirates close to agreement with C/1B Jose Morales. #MLB

#Angels, #Brewers among teams still on A. Ramirez with #Phillies out. But if Angels get Pujols, they too would be eliminated. #MLB

Rival exec: #Phillies no longer shopping Polanco, backing off A. Ramirez. Unrelated to Rollins talks. #MLB

Sources: #Angels pursuing Pujols. Ongoing conversations. #MLB

Source: #Pirates agree to terms with McLouth on one-year deal. Deal pending results of physical. #MLB

#Mets sign Francisco. @KenDavidoff reported first. #MLB

With Pagan and M. Cabrera, sure doesn’t seem like #sfGiants are signing Beltran. #MLB

RT @BobKlap: Can confirm this RT @StevePopper: Source confirms Mets deal – pending physicals – Pagan for Torres and Ramirez from Giants.

#Mets trading Pagan. #MLB

#Angels already drawing trade interest in E. Santana in anticipation of possible C.J. Wilson signing. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

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RT @susanslusser: I have had it confirmed that the #Tigers are trying to make a strong push for Gio Gonzalez. #Athletics

#DBacks have offered LHP Joe Saunders a two-year contract, source confirms.

Frank Francisco’s deal with #Mets is 12M over two years, source says.

#Mets near trade described as "change of scenery" deal both ways. They are getting 2-for-1. Rauch 1 yr pending phys. Another RP on way. #MLB

#Marlins saying they aren’t sure if a third team is involved on Pujols. #STLCards

#Marlins officials haven’t ruled themselves out on C.J. Wilson. Not clear what that means re Pujols.

Samson: "We’re working, working, gotta keep working." #Marlins #PUJOLS #MLB

#Marlins just emerged from meeting with Lozano. Samson: "Nothing to report

#Marlins telling Pujols they want a resolution "soon," source says.

#Marlins official on status of Pujols talks: "Working." #MLB

Sources: Meeting between #Marlins and Dan Halem of commissioner’s office was indeed about matters relating to possible Pujols contract. #MLB

#Marlins may have been checking with commissioner’s office to make sure possible Pujols contract would be in accordance with new CBA. #MLB

Source: #Rockies off Polanco. Don’t believe he can play second base. #MLB

Bob Garber, the agent for C.J. Wilson, just told me he has yet to receive any offer from #Rangers.

Rosenthal tweets: Marlins brass meeting with MLB

#Marlins’ Loria, Samson, Hill just went in to meet with Dan Halem of commissioner’s office. #MLB

Asked Loria if decision was in Pujols’ hands and he said, "I wouldn’t say that." Offered no further comment. #Marlins #MLB

#Marlins officials could be discussing any number of contractual issues with rep from commissioner’s office. #MLB

#Marlins president Beinfest just joined meeting. #MLB

#Marlins’ Loria said meeting had nothin g to do with Pujols. We’ll see. #MLB

Asked Samson if meeting was about no-trade. He said, "we don’t do no-trades." #Marlins #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

Cards president talks Pujols

Bill DeWitt Jr. on Pujols: "I’m hopeful, but I don’t like to use the word ‘optimistic.’" … Full story …

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Source: #STLCards willing to trade Lohse or Westbrook. Confirms report by @Buster_ESPN. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

Twins looking for Cuddyer resolution

The Minnesota Twins have an offer out to free agent Michael Cuddyer, and are meeting with his agent to seek a resolution, a source said … Full story …

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Source: #Indians willing to trade from bullpen depth to acquire right bat at 1B or OF. Santana likely stays at C.

#Indians looking at RH bats — Derrek Lee, Andruw Jones, Mike Cameron.

#Orioles telling teams that Adam Jones is off limits.

Source: #Angels interested in trading for Brandon League.

C.J. Wilson’s agent met with #Marlins today. That possibility isn’t gone — yet … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

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#Marlins about to meet internally to talk various issues, including Pujols. Still on Wilson, Buehrle, etc., until they get resolution. #MLB

Source: #Marlins fading on CJ Wilson. Makes sense, given Pujols pursuit. #MLB

One rival GM told me that his scouts project new #WhiteSox prospect Molina as reliever. If so, not good. #MLB

#BlueJays like Molina, view him as potential mid-rotation starter. But they get 6 yrs of control on Santos on good contract. #WhiteSox #MLB

#WhiteSox GM Ken Williams said first move would be telling. Gets top SP prospect Molina. But had Santos for 3/8.25M and 3 club options. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

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#Mets among the teams showing interest in the ageless Miguel Batista.

#RedSox have re-signed Andrew Miller.

Source: #Nats and #Rays have had recent conversations about B.J. Upton.

#WhiteSox acquire Nestor Molina from #BlueJays for Sergio Santos.

Sergio Santos for Nestor Molina communicates one thing in Chicago: The #WhiteSox tear-down/rebuild is on. #BlueJays

It’s official: #Rockies acquire Kevin Slowey from #Twins for PTBNL … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

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Sources: #Phillies met late into night with Lozano on Rollins. Amount of progress unclear. #MLB

No meeting between #Phillies and Lozano on Rollins expected today. Could be because Lozano also represents Pujols. #MLB

Sources: #Cubs’ interest in Fielder is on shorter deal, not eight or nine years. Would pay high dollars in exchange for shorter term. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

Rosenthal: Marlins make big offer to Pujols

After landing shortstop Jose Reyes, the Miami Marlins moved toward an even bigger free-agent splash by offering a 10-year contract to slugger Albert Pujols.

The money apparently is acceptable to Pujols, as a source said the two sides are trying to work through no-trade issues … Full story …


Morosi’s latest tweets

What’s next for the #Marlins? @Ken_Rosenthal and I analyze the Hanley Ramirez and Albert Pujols intrigue: @MLBONFOX

Sources: #Orioles and #Rockies still discussing a Huston Street trade.

#SFGiants trying to upgrade offense but not comfortable (yet) with 3-year contracts; Kubel and Cuddyer seem like 3-year types. #Twins

@Ken_Rosenthal and I hear the C.J. Wilson bidding is heating up and #Marlins are as aggressive as anyone; #Angels also making push.

Dombrowski’s trip to see Cespedes is strong sign of #Tigers’ interest. One team official couldn’t recall him taking similar step.

Source: #Angels making a serious push to sign C.J. Wilson.

#Mets and #Brewers are interested in Todd Coffey, source says … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

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Ozzie emphatic: "Hanley is the man. I don’t care who we bring in." Story coming on #Marlins #MLB

Source: #Royals assistant GM J.J. Picollo interviewed tonight with #Astros for GM opening. #MLB

Free-agent IF Bill Hall has lost 15 pounds to regain foot speed. Multi-position guy. Lots of demand for utility types. #MLB

Dodgers sign Hairston

The Dodgers signed utilityman Jerry Hairston to a two-year contract. Hairston, 35, batted .270 with 21 doubles, five home runs and 31 RBI in 120 games with the Nationals and Brewers last season. He played five positions, with 49 games at third base, 30 games at second base, 23 games in left field, 20 games in center field and two games at shortstop.

Morosi’s latest tweets

Sources confirm Matt Capps to #Twins for one year w option at $4.75M.

Trade interest in B.J. Upton has been mild so far. Just not a lot of teams with need for (and willingness to spend on) CF.

Interest in C.J. Wilson intensifies

Interest in free-agent left-hander C.J. Wilson has intensified to the point that it’s possible he will sign before the end of the week, a major-league source told Monday evening… Full story

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Sources: Hairston is done with #Dodgers. Passes physical. 2 yrs, 6M plus incentives. #MLB

Sources: #Marlins may meet again with Pujols’ people tonight. #STLCards could be back in touch too. #MLB

#Twins were on Harang; he preferred to stay out west. In on Buehrle. Still after Cuddyer, Kubel. Cuddyer’s RH bat more urgent need. #MLB

Sources: #Marlins may meet again with Pujols’ people tonight. #STLCards could be back in touch too. #MLB

#Twins were on Harang; he preferred to stay out west. In on Buehrle. Still after Cuddyer, Kubel. Cuddyer’s RH bat more urgent need. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

Sources: Harang, Dodgers close on deal

Aaron Harang is nearing a two-year deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers, major-league sources told … Full story …

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#RedSox are still involved in the C.J. Wilson market, source says.

#SFGiants no longer pursuing Jerry Hairston Jr., source says.

Ramirez likely to stay in Miami

Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest indicated it’s likely – but not certain – Hanley Ramirez will remain with the team after the expected signing of shortstop Jose Reyes.

Ramirez had previously indicated that he would like to remain a shortstop. One major-league source said he’s likely to move to third base.

Full story here.

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Loria made first call to H. Bell’s agent minutes after contact period opened, first offer minutes after market opened. #Marlins #MLB

Source: #Rays not yet close on Willingham but a finalist among 3-4 teams. First reported by @jcrasnick. #MLB

Source: #Twins also on Buehrle, joining #Nationals, #Marlins, #Rangers. Offer not as strong. Others believed 3 yrs in $36-39M range. #MLB

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Source: Aaron Harang’s deal with #Dodgers expected to be for two years.

It used to be that the #Marlins traded big players at the winter meetings. Now they are signing them.

(Marlins President of Baseball Operations Larry) Beinfest: "We’re going to enjoy the revenues of the new ballpark … We’ve been waiting a long time for this."

Beinfest stops short of saying Hanley is certain to remain with club, but indicates pos switch more likely than trade.

(Marlins owner Jeffrey) Loria says SEC investigation will not affect club spending

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Sources tell me and @jonmorosi that #Dodgers are making progress on deal with Aaron Harang. #MLB

#Dodgers look at Harang as No. 4-5 starter who possibly could give them 170 IP. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

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#Dodgers would still like to upgrade rotation and have interest in Aaron Harang, who prefers to stay on W Coast.

#Tigers aren’t pursuing Buehrle now, more likely to sign or trade for a No. 5 starter type.

#Pirates are among the clubs with interest in free agent LHP Jeff Francis, source says.

#Mariners interested in Jamie Moyer and the younger Jamie Moyer (Jeff Francis), sources say … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

Rosenthal: For Phils, everything hinges on Rollins

The rest of the Phillies’ off-season hinges on whether they re-sign free-agent shortstop Jimmy Rollins, a negotiation that one rival agent describes as “an epic Roman battle” between two strong-willed men, Rollins and Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr.

If the Phillies do not keep Rollins, they intend to play rookie Freddy Galvis at short and lose considerable offense at the position. Their next move – the one for another bat – is where things would get interesting … Full story …

Rosenthal tweet: Phillies ink Nix

Source: Nix two-year contract with #Phillies worth $2.5 million. Should not preclude other moves. #MLB … Follow Ken Rosenthal on Twitter …

Morosi tweets: Indians in market for 1B

#Indians are a very left-handed club, which could make Derrek Lee a good fit for them at 1B. But he’s had his best success in NL.

Indians focused on either a first baseman or complementary outfielder, source says. Remember: They claimed Jason Kubel in August. #Twins … Follow Jon Paul Morosi on Twitter …

Rosenthal: BoSox weighing options at closer

The Boston Red Sox, who lost closer Jonathan Papelbon via free agency to the Philadelphia Phillies, are in the market for a replacement …  Full story …

Rosenthal: Angels’ new GM could be active

New Los Angeles Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto made two trades last week, and indications are he plans to be busy at the winter meeting despite budget issues.

They are interested in free-agent third baseman Aramis Ramirez and starting pitcher C.J. Wilson. They also are keeping a watch on the market for Oakland Athletics closer Andrew Bailey, who is drawing trade interest from several teams …   Full story …