MLB allowing players to use smartphones during games on ‘Snapchat Day’

Prepare yourself: In-game player selfies will be flooding Snapchat next week. 

The MLB announced that players will be allowed to use Snapchat during games on Friday, March 11, as part of a partnership with the social media platform. All 30 teams will be a part of the action, sharing photos and videos to their respective Snapchat stories, with the hopes of giving fans an inside look at what takes place in the dugout and bullpen. 

This marks the first time in history that players will be allowed to use smartphones during a game. Pablo Sandoval was infamously benched last year for "liking" a picture on Instagram during a Red Sox game in June.

In addition to teams sharing their own posts, Snapchat will curate the best photos and videos throughout the day for a fun-filled Live Story.

Best of all, the official SnapBat will make its triumphant return after being used at last year’s All-Star Weekend. Step aside, selfie stick.

Though Matt Barnes of the Boston Red Sox probably won’t need to use either with his freakishly long arms.

The partnership between Snapchat and the MLB doesn’t end there. The two sides agreed to a multi-year deal that includes coverage of Opening Day, the All-Star Game and the postseason as well.

Time to get snapping.