Here’s the moment the Dodgers knew they could beat the Cubs

Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Jon Durr/Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports

How is this happening? How are the underdog Dodgers dominating the juggernaut Cubs? The answer actually lies in a loss.

Think back to Game 1 at Wrigley Field. The Cubs took a 3-1 lead into the eighth inning and summoned flame-throwing Aroldis Chapman to extinguish the Dodgers’ bases-loaded, no-out rally. Chapman struck out Corey Seager and Yasiel Puig, and in stepped Adrian Gonzalez, who was seen just minutes before giving a pep talk to Puig in the dugout.

Gonzalez roped this 1-1 pitch up the middle to tie the game:

Chapman lost his air of invincibility, and the Cubs did with him.

The Cubs, of course, won that game thanks to a pinch-hit grand slam from Miguel Montero in the bottom of that same inning. But remember, it was the Dodgers who scored last that night with a run in the top of the ninth. And they haven’t looked back. In fact, that Montero blast represents the last time the Cubs scored.

Prior to Game 2, FOX Sports MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal reported how confident the Dodgers’ clubhouse was, even mentioning that president of baseball operations Andrew Friedman got the same vibe.

That’s how a Game 1 loss resulted in wins in Game 2 and 3. And maybe in the series.