MLB Hall of Famer questions why David Ortiz is walking away from baseball


With the Boston Red Sox getting swept in the ALDS by the Cleveland Indians — losing 4-3 in Game 3 on Monday night at Fenway Park — David Ortiz's career officially comes to an end.

Ortiz is one of the greatest Red Sox and MLB players ever, and he will undoubtedly end up in the Hall of Fame someday.

Some, though, are confused why Ortiz is walking away now after he just posted one of the best seasons of his career, hitting .315 with 38 home runs in the regular season.

That includes Hall of Famer Frank Thomas, who appeared on FS Live with Jay and Dan after Ortiz's final game and questioned by Papi is walking away while he can still play at a high level:

“I have never seen a man walk away with having an MVP season. He could easily be the league's Most Valuable Player this year, and he's walking away. He said his feet are really hurting. He has to get to the ballpark at 12 o'clock everyday to get his work in to be ready to play for a 7 o'clock game.

“I can understand that feeling, but you don't walk away until you're done — until you're hitting .230, .240, 10 home runs and 40 RBIs. Then it's time for Big Papi to walk away. But he said he wants to walk away on top — losing tonight is not walking away on top.”