MLB hot stove 2016: Yankees, rich teams suck

The Major League Baseball hot stove is terrific if you root for a rich team. Otherwise, it’s like having your fingernails pulled with rusty tools.

As the season of winter descends upon us, everyone wills tart talking about the holidays. It’s natural. We want to think about the warm times of Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Then, when the conversation turns to sports, most will eventually get to the MLB Hot Stove. It’s something that everyone can get invested in, although not everyone has the same ideas. If you support a team with a ton of cash like the New York Yankees or Los Angeles Dodgers, it’s great. Your team will spend a ton of money, and while most of the players will certainly be busts (but only after the media tells everyone that this player will put them over the hump), it’s fun to see the talent roll in.

However, two-thirds of the league has to watch as stars leave for greener pastures. Yes, there is revenue sharing but it doesn’t help teams like the Oakland A’s, Minnesota Twins, Tampa Bay Rays or Pittsburgh Pirates contend with the upper crust. It basically lets your poor team sign an extra player or two off the scrap heap.

There is nothing more overrated than the MLB Hot Stove. It’s basically the equivalent of a rich kid beating up a homeless person and robbing him for the 49 cents in his pocket. Then, at the same point next year, going back to make sure he’s still broke before driving away in his BMW.

Enjoy MLB free agency, everyone. Hopefully you root for a rich team that never wins.

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