The 30 most absurd MLB fan tattoos

It was the moment that stopped the internet: Bartolo Colon’s amazing, spectacular, unspeakably awesome home run.

The fact that it took him longer to get around the bases than it did Nyquist to get around the track at the Kentucky Derby is irrelevant, this is a moment in time that we will all remember.

That’s not just figurative, but literal, as we learned earlier this week that one Mets fan was forced to get a commemorative tattoo to honor the home run.

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It left us wondering: What is the most absurd baseball tattoo ever?

Here is one representative for all 30 teams.

1. Boston Red Sox

2. New York Yankees

3. Baltimore Orioles

4. Tampa Bay Rays

5. Toronto Blue Jays

6. Cleveland Indians

7. Kansas City Royals

8. Minnesota Twins

9. Chicago White Sox

10. Detroit Tigers

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11. Texas Rangers

12. Los Angeles Angels

13. Houston Astros

14. Oakland A’s

15. Seattle Mariners

16. New York Mets

17. Washington Nationals

18. Atlanta Braves

19. Miami Marlins

20. Philadelphia Phillies

21. Chicago Cubs

22. Cincinnati Reds

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23. St. Louis Cardinals

24. Pittsburgh Pirates

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25. Milwaukee Brewers

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26. Los Angeles Dodgers

27. San Francisco Giants

28. Colorado Rockies

29. San Diego Padres

30. Arizona Diamondbacks

Bonus: Montreal Expos