Part II: Get voting, people! Or it’s an all-Royal All-Star Game

Royals fans will be very happy to know that they are continuing to outvote all others.

Charlie Riedel/AP

This week’s update in the "Get voting, people! Or it’s an all-Royal All-Star Game" series is this: Get voting, people! Or it’s an all-Royal All-Star Game!

Last week’s edition was well-received, generating lots of buzz within an excitable section of the Internet (and country) that’s become near and dear to my heart. The folks there have dubbed it an "anti-Royals campaign," which is cute.

So how has this "anti-Royals campaign" affected the All-Star Game voting over the last week? Let’s take a look at what will surely be a more balanced AL ballot.

Oh boy… Let’s dig in. All numbers in parenthesis are WAR or Wins Above Replacement, which measures the amount of wins a player contributes to his team in relation to your average replacement player.

1B: Miguel Cabrera’s (2.3 WAR) lead over Eric Hosmer (1.9) has shrunk to less than 100K votes.

2B: Jose Altuve (1.3) has maintained his lead over Omar Infante (-0.2!) while Infante has extended his lead over Ian Kinsler (1.6), Jason Kipnis (3.1) and Dustin Pedroia (1.3) by a shocking amount. 

3B: Mike Moustakas (2.0) has increased his lead over the otherworldly Josh Donaldson (3.2) in a week when Donaldson hit 6 HR, 11 RBI, .440/.483/.1.240, which is basically unheard of. Keep in mind here that Donaldson has the second-highest WAR in baseball, which means he’s maybe the second-best player in the majors right now.

SS: Alcides Escobar (0.9) has increased his lead by a staggering number over Jose Iglesias (1.6). Escobar now leads by roughly 1 million votes. Probably an insurmountable sum.

DH: Nelson Cruz (1.9) and his 18 home runs maintained their lead over Kendrys Morales (1.1) and his six homers.

C: Salvador Perez (0.8) increased his lead over Stephen Vogt (2.5) who has the eighth-best WAR in baseball.


OF: Lorenzo Cain (2.2), Alex Gordon (1.7), and Alex Rios (0.0) are now all in the top five along with Mike Trout (2.9) and Adam Jones (1.5).

So, the takeaway here is that only Royals fans seem to be paying attention to this wildly popular series. Which means that there is a darn good chance we will see an all-Royal All-Star Game. Unless of course, the rest of you AL fans start voting. Fast. And in large quantities.

We need to double our efforts here, people. Wake up and smell the barbecue. That’s the smell of the Royals taking over the baseball world. As delicious as it smells, don’t you want to see your favorites playing in the Midsummer Classic, too?

But for the record … Hosmer, Moustakas, Escobar, Cain and Gordon are all worthy of elections. Morales and Perez are close. Infante and Rios, while I’m sure they’re fan favorites, aren’t playing well enough this year to warrant the amount of votes they’re getting. And that’s the truth.