UPDATE: MLB All-Star caps reportedly leak, and are blast from past

Major League Baseball looks like it's going old school for this year's All-Star Game.  

John Grieshop/MLB Photos via Getty Images

UPDATE: It appears these hats are not the ones Major League Baseball plans to use for this year’s All-Star Game. ESPN’s Darren Rovell debunked the images below.

Major League Baseball has been conservative with their All-Star uniforms when compared to other leagues.

It appears that trend won’t be lasting much longer.

With the game being held in Cincinnati, Major League Baseball looks to be going for an old-school feel for the second straight year. But this year’s version has a 19th century appeal.

In last year’s Midsummer Classic, players wore caps inspired from the 1970s.

As baseball tries to entice younger viewers, it will be interesting to see how this approach will be received.