MLB: 3 Players That Will Be Traded Next Season

Apr 11, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; A detailed view of baseball on the MLB logo at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Apr 11, 2015; San Diego, CA, USA; A detailed view of baseball on the MLB logo at Petco Park. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

With the MLB off-season in full swing, we have seen a great number of transactions. Not all potential deals are made however, as some teams hold on to the little hope they have. This leads to teams waiting until the season is underway to deal those assets.

While we may have already seen the most groundbreaking MLB trade for the upcoming season, there are still several impact trades waiting to happen. This trade of course being the deal sending Chris Sale to the Boston Red Sox to form a dream pitching rotation. Even though we won’t see any trade of that magnitude, we most likely will see a deal that will legitimize a club’s World Series push. Like every year, there will be those deals throughout the season that achieve this.

On a personal level, I think my favorite trade of all time was when the Dodgers acquired Manny Ramirez. Sure, the trade for Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez, Josh Beckett, and Nick Punto had more effects, but the Manny trade just sat with me. The trade of course happened in July of 2008, when I was the ripe old age of nine. I always liked the Dodgers, but never really understood them or took them seriously. After the Ramirez trade I remember being filled with optimism, happiness, and hope that I now feel every season as we make our playoff push.

This season there will definitely be trades that fill other fans with the same hope that I felt that day. While none of which may be on the same magnitude as the Manny Ramirez trade, they will instantly boost certain team’s playoff chances. The teams dealing these players may not want to hear this, but it is destined to happen. Therefore, lets take a look at three players destined to be traded next season.

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Braun

Ryan Braun trade rumors have been circulating since the trade deadline last season. While I don’t think a potential Braun trade will come to fruition this off-season, it certainly will grow some legs as next season carries on. The Brewers are likely seeking to hold onto Braun with the hopes that he could be a veteran presence to their plethora of young talents. However, Braun just does not seem to fit into Milwaukee’s current system. With a good amount of contract still left for the former MVP, it only seems fit that we will see him dealt next season.

A fun fact that most people do not know about Braun is his contract actually holds a pretty strict trade clause. Braun can block any trade, if he so desires, unless it is made with a team on a very specific list. The list reads as following: The Los Angeles Dodgers and Angels, Miami Marlins, Tampa Bay Rays, and Washington Nationals. Outside of the Nationals and Dodgers however, none of the teams on the list could really suit Braun and afford him. Sure, the Marlins could use another outfielder, but they may not have the pieces necessary to get Braun. The Rays seem like long shots, as they would have to deal Archer for Braun and that is not happening. The Nationals just acquired Adam Eaton, and the Angels acquired Cameron Maybin and Ben Revere.

That leaves the Los Angeles Dodgers as the only realistic option to land Braun next season. While they certainly don’t need Braun, they could likely do a deal swapping Puig and a prospect for the former MVP.

However, just because Braun can block a trade does not mean he will. Braun always has the option to say yes to a trade, and that likely will happen next season. The San Francisco Giants are a team that instantly jump off the bat. They could use a veteran left fielder, and likely could get Braun by sending off Conor Gillaspie and prospect Tyler Beede.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Sonny Gray

Sonny Gray will undoubtedly be dealt next season, and as bad as it seems for A’s fans it is the right thing to do. Arguably, Gray could be dealt this off-season. However, coming off of a lackluster year, Gray’s trade value is at an all-time low. Expect Gray to go back to his great ways in 2017, rebuild his stock, and see the A’s ship him off. The A’s certainly could use Gray for their future, he is young and shows great ability. However, the potential return that Oakland can get for Gray may be too overwhelming to turn down.

A team that instantly jumps off the bat to me is the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers are always seeking an extra arm during the season, and as we saw with the Rich Hill deal they are not afraid to spend. Acquiring Gray would give the Dodgers the outright #2 spot for the best rotation in baseball, closely behind the Red Sox for first. To get Gray, the Dodgers would likely have to pay an arm and a leg. Jose De Leon would undoubtedly have to be included in this trade. He is a young promising arm who may be ready for the starting rotation, he just needs time to develop. Seeing an MLB caliber outfielder such as Andrew Toles alongside promising catcher Austin Barnes may be enough for Oakland.

If not Los Angeles, other teams are available. The Cubs may be a logical destination, they could attempt a straight switch between Gray and Addison Russell. Javier Baez would move to short, Ben Zobrist to second, opening up a left field spot for Kyle Schwarber. That is a deal that may seem startling initially, but would actually benefit the Cubs quite a good amount. With two genuises working at it in Theo Esptein and Billy Beane, this deal could be reached.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew McCutchen

Former NL MVP Andrew McCutchen will be dealt at next season’s trade deadline, it is almost inevitable. McCutchen, who had a down year in 2016, has been rumored this entire off-season to be dealt. At one point it was the Nationals, at another he was remaining in Pittsburgh. The Pirates will keep McCutchen into 2017, where they will see him improve his game. McCutchen will not return to MVP form because of age, but will prove to be a solid competitor. With only another year and a half under contract at that time, the Pirates will be best suited to deal the outfielder.

Especially with the emergence of Josh Bell, McCutchen’s duties won’t seem necessary for the Pirates. They still will be a team struggling to reach .500, and will benefit way more from dealing McCutcheen rather than holding onto him for 18 more months. Like with Braun, the Giants seem like a formidable trading partner. While they may need to deal their #1 prospect Christian Arroyo, the deal could be made. While it might not be the wisest move for the Giants to make, teams get desperate in the midst of playoff pushes so seeing that deal would not be surprising.

However, with this season being perhaps their best shot, the Seattle Mariners could and should pick up McCutchen. Acquiring McCutchen could slot Jarrod Dyson over to right field, freeing up a spot in left. To get this deal done, Seattle would need to include one, if not both, of their top 2 prospects. These two, outfielders Kyle Lewis and Tyler O’Neill, both rank in MLB’s top 100 prospect list. Those two alone could be enough for Pittsburgh to pull the trigger, and the Mariners would definitely become legitimate World Series contenders.

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