Mixed signals: So what exactly is allowed in D-backs pool?

Last season the Dodgers took some heat for partying in the Diamondbacks pool.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

We all remember the controversy that erupted when the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrated their clinching of the NL West in the Arizona Diamondbacks outfield pool last September.

And it was justified controversy. After all, the D-backs asked the Dodgers to keep players from returning to the field altogether during the celebration.

But not only did half the players return to the field, they then proceeded to head to the pool where they did cannonballs and sprayed champagne and (allegedly) peed all over the place.

Disrespectful? Absolutely. It was questionable behavior at best.

But on Thursday, what was allowed in the pool began to be just as questionable as what wasn’t.

Take a look for yourself.

Those are two men dressed as mermaids — or mermen, I suppose. And they don’t look like they’re going anywhere soon.

So for those keeping track …

Baseball players are NOT allowed in the D-backs pool.

But …

Men dressed as mermaids wearing coconut brassieres? Well, come right on in.

Supposedly this is all part of some Little Mermaid themed protection committee.

But, if true, that makes this whole thing even weirder.