Two Brewers prospects party in a hilarious parody of ‘Wayne’s World’

To commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the first “Wayne’s World” movie and celebrate the start of the Cactus League schedule, two Brewers prospects put their own hilarious spin on the excellent film with a skit that would make Wayne and Garth proud.

Outfielder Brett Phillips (Wayne) and left-hander Josh Hader (Garth) took to the couch on “Brett’s World” to count down the 10 best baseball movies of all time. Among the highlights: throwing some shade at the rival Cubs, honoring Brewers broadcaster (and “Major League” star) Bob Uecker, and brown-nosing Milwaukee manager Craig Counsell.

Perhaps most impressive is that this masterpiece appears to have been filmed in one take. But seriously, where’s “The Natural” on their countdown?

If you’re wondering, neither Phillips nor Hader was alive when “Wayne’s World” was released in 1992. Both were born in the spring of 1994. Now you feel really old, huh?